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Posted on 06.19.13
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  • Posted on 06.19.13

I have joined mayors from across the country asking the federal government to study how food stamps are used. I strongly believe that the federal food stamp program should promote healthy choices and healthy lifestyles. That's why, for example, I support allowing food stamps to be used at farmer's markets. And that's why I signed the letter.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who sponsored the letter, has his own issues of concern, one of which has attracted a lot of ink today.

Mayor Bloomberg has a much more developed position on soda and sugary drinks than I do. He supports a ban. I don't drink them myself, but I haven't yet gotten all the way to his position. And I am writing this because I don't want the local debate about food stamps and sugary drinks to overshadow a wider issue:

The federal government should develop a food stamp policy to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce obesity and reduce disease. It should look at and address the issue of soda and sugary drinks. That's what the letter we signed says. Some of the mayors who signed the letter are ready for a ban. Some of us are not there yet. But, all of us agree that the food stamp program should promote healthy choices, and should address the obesity epidemic in our country.

Here is a link to the letter: http://cbsnewyork.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/snap_letter_to_house_6_18_...