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Posted on 07.07.05
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  • Posted on 07.07.05

A story reported in Wednesday’s newspaper about a cooling of the region’s housing market was inaccurate. Actually, it was wrong.

Contrary to data provided in the story, the housing market in the City of St. Louis remains red hot. On the heels of an incredible year in 2004, the City of St. Louis has issued even more residential building permits YTD in 2005.

According to City records, the number of building permits for new homes here increased by 98 percent for the first five months of this year.

And the number of building permits issued for substantial rehabs of single family homes — and for new, as well as for rebuilt, multifamily units — also continued to increase.

Those in the market for new living spaces in the region recognize that the City has a lot to offer: a wide variety of traditional new and rehabilitated single family homes in our neighborhoods, luxury condos in the CWE and Downtown, and trendy loft apartments in mixed-use areas throughout the City.

As the word spreads about what’s really going on in the City, we expect that our population — and our housing construction activities — will continue to thrive.