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Posted on 11.01.11
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  • Posted on 11.01.11

I recently told a reporter that I supported charging the juveniles arrested as participants in a vicious beating as adults. Doing so, I reasoned, would increase the chances that, if convicted, they would serve more time in a harsher environment. I thought the seriousness of the crime they are accused of committing merited that. I also thought that it would demonstrate the fundamental disagreement St. Louis has with a young thug who was quoted by a Post-Dispatch reporter as saying of the victims, "You don't know them, so why care about hurting them?"

Treating the accused as adults sends a message to back to that young man, to those currently in police custody, and to those who share that belief: I care if you hurt people.

I don't make the decision about who is ' and who isn't ' charged as an adult, but I do get to express an opinion. This is mine. Judging from the comments I have gotten, it is yours, too.