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Posted on 07.19.07
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  • Posted on 07.19.07

The Missouri General Assembly will meet again this summer to take up some issues of importance to the City. I haven’t seen the details yet, but I am told that most of the programs of interest to the City that died with the Governor’s veto of HB 327 will be back on legislators’ desks during a special session.

Near the top of the legislators’ agenda, and mine, will be a tax credit program that would make it easier for developers to assemble tracts of land large enough to bring dramatic change to historically distressed neighborhoods in north St. Louis and St. Louis county. The revised version of this program has an important change that I support that will make the program more flexible: a smaller minimum assembly. At the previously approved 100-acre threshold, it was unlikely that any developer would have been able to use the credits in the City.

I’m also told the General Assembly plans to reconsider other elements of the City’s legislative agenda, including an expansion of the caps for the state’s Quality Jobs and Enterprise Zone programs, a new state New Markets Tax Credit program, and modest changes to the tax credit program available for film production.