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Posted on 06.28.12
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  • Posted on 06.28.12

The United States Supreme Court has upheld most of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. This is great news for St. Louis and many of our residents. The decision means that students at Saint Louis University and Harris Stowe State University have the option of remaining on their parent's health insurance while they're in college and later transitioning to a job at a St. Louis-based employer. It means affordable and understandable options for thousands of St. Louisans who can afford it. However, the Court's decision may also mean that states cannot be forced to increase Medicaid coverage. So, our local health care safety net will continue to be important.

Over the last 10 years, our local partnership has increased the number of City and County residents with access to health care by about 30,000. We have increased the number of doctor visits by 120,000 per year. We are working now to enroll more uninsured residents in the Gateway to Better Health Pilot Program.

If you live in St. Louis, do not have health insurance, and do not have the money to buy your own, please go to a neighborhood Federally Qualified Health Clinic to find out if you qualify. They are: Grace Hill Health Centers; Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Care Centers; Family Care Health Centers; and Betty Jean Kerr People's Health Centers.