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Posted on 04.18.07
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  • Posted on 04.18.07

Senator Claire McCaskill deserves our thanks for her leadership in helping make the City’s — and the nation’s — neighborhoods safer. Sen. McCaskill is co-sponsoring S. 368 (The COPS Improvements Act of 2007) to invest $1.15 billion in additional police officers and prosecutors, and new law enforcement technologies.

During the Bill Clinton Administration, the federal government invested money to hire 100,000 police officers and make other improvements in local law enforcement. Crime went down.

During the last few years, however, the federal government has all but eliminated those programs. Crime went up. Surprised?

Passage of S. 368 will allow local law enforcement agencies to hire police officers for community policing, counter-terrorism programs, and school security. It will also reauthorize funds for technology grants and community prosecutors — while making critical improvements to eliminate waste.

As Chief Joe Mokwa tells me constantly, “The federal government needs as big a commitment to hometown security as to homeland security.”