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Posted on 06.29.05
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  • Posted on 06.29.05

Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with members of the St. Louis Riverfront Advisory Committee. The Committee — representing both the public and private sectors — will oversee a collaboration between the City of St. Louis and a group that includes the Great Rivers Greenway District, the National Park Service Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Downtown Now!, and Metro to develop a St. Louis Riverfront Master Plan for the area around the Arch. Over the next year, we will be meeting as needed to develop a signature destination along the City’s riverfront.

We have good consultants, scheduled public meetings, a realistic time-table, and something just as important: the resolve to take fuller advantage of a river and a landmark.

This effort will run concurrently with an even more ambitious plan to connect the riverfront to the rest of downtown, and with a third plan to revitalize and refocus our lagging riverfront gaming operation.

I have a pretty good record of getting from plans to finished projects. These three processes, taken together, will reshape the riverfront.