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Posted on 10.19.09
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  • Posted on 10.19.09

The death of a 54-year old man in a downtown high-rise this morning was an accident: smoke inhalation from a fire he caused while smoking in bed. It is not clear if his disability (he used a wheelchair for mobility) contributed to his death.

You already know that smoking in bed is dangerous. What you may not know is that an office in the City’s Social Services Department maintains a registry of people who might need special assistance in the event of an emergency. This is prudent. Elevators, for example, switch to a special firefighters protocol during a fire.

If you — or somebody you know — has a reason (e.g., low vision, restricted mobility) to worry about evacuating a high rise in the event of an emergency, why not call (314)612-5900 and get added to the registry?