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Posted on 09.02.07
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  • Posted on 09.02.07

The infamous “St. Louis rolling stop” - a brake tap before proceeding through a stop sign or making a right turn on a red light - is a dangerous, ubiquitous element among our region’s generally good driving habits.

The deaths of Ronald Jones and his 2-year old granddaughter last month - victims of a driver who apparently ran a red light on N. Kingshighway - and the recent indictment of that driver should remind us how important it is that we drive carefully at all times. This is especially true as the continuing rebuilding of I 64/Highway 40 puts plenty of vulnerable construction workers near traffic lanes and adds new drivers onto unfamiliar City commuting routes.

The City’s police department reports that their new red light cameras have already issued warnings or violation notices to thousands of motorists at several busy intersections. But there can’t be police officers or cameras at every corner.

Please be careful.