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Posted on 08.04.05
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  • Posted on 08.04.05

Image Design Group is in the process of completing its move from DeSoto, MO, to downtown St. Louis. The company’s husband and wife owners will occupy a condo on the upper floors of the Pyramid development at 13th and Lucas Streets, while the company will occupy the first floor of the building.

Why they moved is interesting. The owners believe that a more stable workforce is available here than in southern Missouri. They also appreciate the resurgence that Downtown is undergoing, making it the kind of place they wanted to live themselves.

A number of creative companies like IDG are viewing Downtown — and other parts of the City — as “places to be” for firms that sell their creativity.

Meanwhile, Crazy Bowls and Wraps — one of my favorite grazing stops on Lindell — is investigating new locations in the City.

And Walgreens, having changed its corporate mind about downtown’s future, is now looking for a new location in the CBD. (Any new Walgreens downtown will be an “urban” Walgreens, a store incorporated into a mixed-use building, not a freestanding store.)