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Posted on 01.15.09
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  • Posted on 01.15.09

There was a time a couple of years ago when it made some sense to try to avoid Randy Adams’ telephone calls. Adams — by temperament and training a business-like bank exec — was in those days the business-like president of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. What he wanted (and then got from us) was assistance in the complicated task of stabilizing the finances of one of St. Louis’s most important cultural institutions. Since he would simply call back until we took his calls, most people who got them ended up learning a lot more than we had known before about the business of classical music. And the Symphony, near bankruptcy when he became its president, increased its endowment seven-fold and attracted a world-class music director to lead the orchestra in the 21st Century.

William Randolph "Randy" Adams passed away yesterday after a short illness. He left behind two adult children and a symphony orchestra. He will be missed.