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Posted on 05.08.07
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  • Posted on 05.08.07

I don’t have time to watch much television, but radio is different. It doesn’t need a special time.

Those who notice such things have told me that the local radio market marked a milestone earlier this month when a prominent national ratings group reported that KMOX, St. Louis’s top-ranked radio station for 40 years, was now sharing its crown with KEZK, a local soft-rock station.

Without the prompt, I would probably not have noticed.

I know that I listen to lots of different local radio stations - and it seems as if I spend plenty of time talking to many of them. Over the last several months, I’ve been on both KMOX and KEZK - as well as on KTRS, KDHX (with Amanda Doyle and Thomas Crone), Majic, 97.1 FM, KWMU, KLOU, WGNU, and WIL.

Albert Einstein once described the telegraph as a very long cat whose tail is pulled in New York and his head meows in LA. Radio, he said, is just like the telegraph: you send the signals here, they receive them there. The only difference, according to Einstein, is that there is no cat in radio. That’s a good story to remember when Charlie Brennan or McGraw Milhaven has a tough question.