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Posted on 04.06.11
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  • Posted on 04.06.11

We have taken an important step for making necessary ' and inevitable ' changes to how the city provides services and the region is governed. We know that things cannot remain the way they are now with the region competing against itself instead of against other regions and other countries.

In the coming months, we must begin making the changes the economy and the census have been telling us we have to make. Those changes may begin in the city, but they cannot stop there. It is the region that needs to change.

What voters did tonight is critical to that task. They gave us five years to get this done. It would have been infinitely more difficult to bring the region together without a good bond rating or a working parks, streets, or fire department.

We may celebrate what the city's votes have given us, but we must understand that it is not a blank check and it will not last forever. When this election comes around again in five years, we must be a very different city and region. I do not expect voters to give us another chance.