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Posted on 11.27.07
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  • Posted on 11.27.07

Mention of Lafayette Square in another part of this website continues to draw comments. Here are some sent along by the City’s development team:

  • The St. Louis Development Corporation and the Lafayette Square Restoration Group are planning the redevelopment of a variety of vacant lots and vacant buildings on Dolman Avenue on the eastern edge of the Lafayette Square neighborhood. Now that these lots and buildings are no longer needed for the HOPE VI development, they will be available for other development.

  • The next phase of the City Hospital redevelopment is proceeding, with bids received for public improvements on Carroll and Dillon Streets, and construction of a new street. The public improvements work will complement the redevelopment of the remaining historic buildings in the City Hospital block. Butler’s Pantry is expected to move to one of the renovated buildings to expand their operations and establish an event venue.

  • In the 6th Ward, a former funeral home and livery stable at 2600 Nebraska are being converted into four residential condominiums and one commercial condominium. Two of the residential lofts are priced for affordability, with each loft featuring two bedrooms, one bath and a laundry room, in addition to a large living area, kitchen and indoor parking space.