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Posted on 06.14.12
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  • Posted on 06.14.12

I learned a new word today. Several news outlets reported this morning that the Republicans had "prebutted" President Obama's speech on the economy ' that is, they had registered their reaction to his speech before he had actually delivered it.

In the spirit of neologism, this is my postbuttal.

I strongly believe that the coming presidential election is a critical one, offering St. Louisans a choice between two visions about how to grow the economy, create middle-class jobs, and pay down the debt. The president proposes to do so by focusing on education, infrastructure, innovation, and a fairer tax structure. His opponent hopes to do so by cutting taxes and reducing regulations.

These are two fundamentally different ways for us to approach the future. I believe that former President Bush's choices of tax cuts and deregulation left the economy in the shape it was four years ago. And I think President Obama has set the nation on the right track in turning the economy around. Governor Romney's election would turn the turnaround around.

I am already on record in support of giving President Obama another four years to continue that work. I renew that endorsement today.

Here is a link to the President's speech.