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Posted on 08.21.07
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  • Posted on 08.21.07

Last winter, I told you about a serious problem that the police (and residents) had noticed: the practice of "dumping" people without resources in Downtown St. Louis. Here I wrote about one instance: a patient discharged from a state mental facility in Farmington who had been given a bus ticket to St. Louis and directions to a local homeless shelter. I told you that I would find out how this was happening.

The Missouri Department of Mental Health took my complaint seriously and they are doing something about it. Not only are they working to make sure the practice is discontinued, but they are also implementing a much wider-ranging solution to help chronically homeless people who have been in their care in the past leave life on the streets.

I am convinced Keith Schafer, the state director with whom we have been working, is a man of compassion who is going to do the right things for the chronically mentally ill in his care.

I’ll keep you posted on his successes.