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Posted on 08.02.07
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  • Posted on 08.02.07

Here’s an update on Plaza Square.

Last week, the State of Missouri — which is solely responsible for inspecting elevators —ordered the elevators to be closed in five towers in Plaza Square. After the City and the tenants themselves sued the owner of the building, a state circuit court judge quickly ordered the owner to repair the elevators — or face jail time.

The judge has now issued a second order that will allow one elevator to open in each building — if they are proved safe. Safety tests have been scheduled on elevators in the buildings that currently lack service. Again assuming the elevators pass, all five of the buildings should have at least one working elevator by the end of the day.

This is a temporary solution to the problem. But, it will give some relief to the tenants while the full slate of repairs is done. In the meantime, the City will continue to put pressure on the owner to meet his responsibility to the tenants.