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Posted on 11.08.05
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 11.08.05

Airport director Kevin Dolliole has a formidable job. In addition to managing a facility bigger than many local municipalities, he has to remodel it while it is still in daily use - and he has to change some hardened attitudes about the place.

To brighten things up, Kevin has installed new flooring in high traffic areas, new brighter lighting in the concourse security center, new traffic ribbons to replace the old gray barriers, and flower planters.

To further improve the ambience, he has recruited several new shops and restaurants. The new Brooks Brothers shop is already one of the top grossing stores among that chain’s airport locations; a CNBC store has just opened; and a Jose Cuervo restaurant is coming soon.

While Lambert lost a lot of flights because of American Airlines’ financial troubles, St. Louis still has better air service than most comparable cities. We have 380 daily departures going non-stop to 84 destinations. That is more than Cleveland, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Tampa, San Diego, Portland, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, and San Antonio.

Just a comparison: St. Louis has nearly twice as many daily flights and non-stop destinations as does Kansas City.