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Posted on 04.01.09
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  • Posted on 04.01.09

With college basketball’s NCAA Division 1 Final Fours settled (and the women’s championship headed to St. Louis April 4-7), it’s time to check up on my brackets.

My Men’s picks are pretty well shot: of my chosen Final Four, only UNC is still alive. And, since I picked PITT to win it all, there is no chance for a last-minute rehabilitation.

My Women’s picks are looking much better: of my chosen Final Four, three of them are still very much alive. I’ve picked UCONN to win it all (though, given the liveliness and spending habits of championship sports crowds, St. Louis restaurants, stores, and hotels will be the biggest winners).

Looking back through both brackets, it is now clear to me that I should have taken the Louisville women, instead of the Louisville men. I do not regret putting the University of Missouri in my Final Four, though — given my unfounded faith in PITT’s prowess — I might as well have picked MIZZOU to win the championship and played for a few extra Tiger votes on April 7.

How are your picks doing?

(Next year, I plan to post Division III brackets as well. Fortunately, hometown Washington University makes successful picking easy. Congratulations to both its Men’s and Women’s hoopsters for great seasons.)