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Posted on 07.23.05
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  • Posted on 07.23.05

There’s a note on my desk from Angela Morton Conley. She is the exec director of the City’s Affordable Housing Commission, the entity that oversees a trust fund approved by City voters to “promote City living and neighborhood stabilization through the preservation of affordable, accessible housing and support services that enhance the quality of life for those in need.”

Each year the AHC approves about $5 million in grants and loans to non-profit agencies and developers. A request for proposals will be in local newspapers later this summer. The application will be available on the City’s website in late September. Funding decisions will be after a November deadline. Programs will be funded by March 2006.

This year’s round of funding will be targeted to proposals that:

  • address the goal of ending chronic homelessness as outlined in the City/County ten year plan
  • address the City’s goal of ending childhood related lead poisoning by 2010 as outlined in the City’s plan to eliminate lead poisoning
  • propose housing for the City’s poorest persons and families
  • propose affordable housing developments that advance neighborhood revitalization goals

    Many of you have expressed interest in these targeted issues. You have about two months to get your plans together — and an additional two months to finalize them.