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Posted on 11.14.11
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  • Posted on 11.14.11

President Obama has opened a headquarters in St. Louis for his reelection campaign.

An Obama campaign headquarters is never just an administrative building. It is, rather, a true community center that collects the energetic support of thousands of volunteers, and sends it back out into neighborhoods, coffee shops, senior centers, small businesses to help shape a conversation about the true stakes in the November election and the importance of keeping President Barack Obama in the White House for four more years.

Over the next year, there will be many, many television campaign commercials, many of them paid for by interests opposed to President Obama's policies. None of them will tell the whole truth. Some of them will tell no truth at all. The most effective answers to those commercials will come from the headquarters, a place from which an army of people ' real, live St. Louisans ' will be trained and sent out to tell President Obama's story.

For the next year, the campaign headquarters will be one of the most important buildings in the City of St. Louis. It will never be dark. It will never be empty. There is so much work to do. It is time to get started.