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Posted on 07.18.07
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  • Posted on 07.18.07

I recently saw a press release from a Downtown entertainment district promoting a Labor Day music festival and announcing that I had decreed an “Ike Turner Day” in St. Louis.

Not so fast, please. I haven’t done that — and I won’t. The office gets hundreds of requests a month for proclamations, for causes as varied as fighting a disease to celebrating a pet’s birthday. Some I agree to do; some I turn down.

Ike Turner is an extraordinary musician and a former St. Louis area resident. His influence on R&B is undoubted. He has a star on the private St. Louis Walk of Fame in University City. He won a well-deserved Grammy Award for his most recent album. I may even catch Ike’s performance at the Big Muddy Blues Festival in September. But, I will not be issuing a proclamation for him.

I have previously written about the proclamation process here.