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Posted on 07.01.05
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  • Posted on 07.01.05

The new homeless service center downtown may be controversial.

While there is general agreement among professional service providers that the new center will improve their ability to address the needs of chronically homeless people, that may not be enough for all the lawyers.

The legal clinics at Saint Louis University Law School and Washington University Law School have told us that they will be filing litigation against the Downtown St. Louis Partnership and others.

The allegations are false and destructive.

The Partnership has been working with our coalition to help homeless people get off the streets. The Partnership is helping with the drop-in center; funding a case manager; training its hospitality guides to help homeless people; and employing formerly homeless people.

Their thanks, apparently, is getting slapped with a lawsuit.

If the two law schools really want to help the homeless, then they should put their students to work helping the chronically homeless get treatment, jobs, government assistance, and places to live.