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Posted on 12.02.09
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  • Posted on 12.02.09

One of my holiday memories is a chart printed annually by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch purporting to show holiday parking options at Lambert Airport. Publication of the chart would inevitably be followed by many confused — and a few irate — telephone calls to City Hall, because the chart was wrong. I never understood whether the annual misprint was a serial mistake or the result of early holiday celebrating in the newspaper’s graphics department.

I thought of that confusing chart today when I helped announce new signs — and new names — at the airport. The signage will bring Lambert into line with standards used by many other airports. Signs to amenities and to Metro will be more plentiful and less confusing. Highway exits will be clearer. And giving the terminals names that do not require an internal compass (which way is “east”?) will make it easier for "directionally challenged” travelers to find out where they are going.

Being visitor friendly is not a bad start if you want more visitors. The new signs will start going up next month.