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Posted on 09.01.09
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  • Posted on 09.01.09

Sixteen states, including Missouri, will be targeted by a new national ad campaign that will attempt to discourage the production of methamphetamine. That’s the message delivered at City Hall today by Gil Kerlikowske, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Measured by “meth lab seizures and incidents” — a benchmark used by the DEA — Missouri is one of the country’s top states for meth production — and, therefore, one of the worst states for meth use. The campaign was announced here, because St. Louis is the state’s largest media market.

Meth production and abuse create complex and expensive legal, social, environmental, and medical problems. Investigating meth labs, sales, and use currently eats up a lot of police time and resources — time and resources that could certainly be better spent.

The new ads will focus on prevention and offer information to meth users seeking recovery services. The campaign will run through the autumn, and will include ad buys and placement in the St. Louis market.

Both Chief Dan Isom and I think this campaign is a good idea.