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Posted on 04.25.11
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  • Posted on 04.25.11

Most companies know that a serious incident must trigger a review of their practices. A payroll glitch, an embezzlement, a faulty product, a workplace accident are the sorts of things that catch managers' attention and, often, the increased oversight of a government agency.

The violent death of two people outside a club south of downtown is certainly serious. I believe that the inevitable police investigation should be just one part of government's review. The club holds a license to serve alcohol and has a civil (and civic) responsibility to ensure the safety of its patrons. I believe that it is important that this club's history, operation, and practices be carefully reviewed over the next several weeks. I plan to ask the agencies of the City to do so; the state may follow suit.

It is not my contention now that the club's owners or managers are at fault for anything, could have done anything to avoid the incident, or must change their business practices. But, two shootings ought to get somebody's attention.