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Posted on 04.20.07
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  • Posted on 04.20.07

For our City to continue to improve and our population to continue to grow, the St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) must improve dramatically.

But, the St. Louis school district did not fail overnight, and it won’t be fixed overnight, either. Experts predict it could take a decade. Our kids and their parents cannot wait that long.

That’s why I support quality charter schools.

After I posted the item linked above, a reader complained that charter schools drain "resources" from the public school district.

Here’s what I answered:

The SLPS only loses revenue when one of its students chooses to leave for a better education somewhere else.

That is a choice already available to many middle class and wealthy parents, who can afford to send their children to private or parochial schools, or to better public schools in St. Louis county. It is also a choice already available to parents whose children are eligible for enrollment in the voluntary interdistrict transfer program.

Given those realities, why should we force low income parents - who already face a myriad of challenges - and those ineligible for the transfer program to send their kids to failing schools in the St. Louis public school district?

Quality charter schools are one good answer to that question while the SLPS improves.