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Posted on 04.19.07
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  • Posted on 04.19.07

Alderwoman Lyda Krewson, whose ward includes Forest Park and many of the outdoor cafes along Euclid, is planning to introduce a bill at the Board of Aldermen this session that will allow owners of City restaurants to decide whether or not to let well-behaved dogs sit with their owners in outdoor dining areas and patios. The practice is currently banned in all parts of Missouri and in most other states, including Illinois. It will take prior legislative action by the Missouri General Assembly to make Lyda’s local ordinance legal.

When I asked readers of this blog to let me know what they thought about the idea of doggie dining, many of you sent me notes (some also sent photos) — and the vast majority of you enthusiastically supported the idea. So, I have asked the City’s legislative team to try to get permitting language included on a bill now going through the General Assembly in Jefferson City. It will likely be a trial program — and it will certainly hold participating City restaurants and dog owners to some pretty strict standards.

I’ll let you know over the next few weeks how the matter is progressing.