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Posted on 05.27.13
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  • Posted on 05.27.13

The observance of Memorial Day, the most solemn day on our civic calendar, gives us a moment to consider a powerful phrase from the Old Testament: "Remember! And do not forget."

Remember! And do not forget.

REMEMBER how it important it is that we Americans ' new Americans or descended from those who once were new, Americans of diverse backgrounds, Americans young or old ' share a common set of civic values: liberty, equality, perseverance, fair play.

DO NOT FORGET the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect those values.

When the Memorial Day services are over, summer really begins in St. Louis and we will do a thousand different things. And, yet, I strongly believe that this summer's most important moments are the ones that we spend today and tomorrow remembering the important values about which we agree.

Make it a good Memorial Day, St. Louis.