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Posted on 11.22.12
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  • Posted on 11.22.12

Kim Slay and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day.

We thank the men and women at work ensuring the delivery of essential public service, especially police officers, medics, and firefighters. We thank the volunteers serving up turkey and hope at St. Louis's churches, shelters, and pantries. And we thank everyone who finds and laughs with a lonely person. We draw strength from each other.

There are many traditions among St. Louis's neighborhoods and families. I was in Downtown's holiday parade this morning and I stopped by the generational Turkey Bowl soccer match on the Hill. Driving between them, I passed turkeys smoking, people cradling green bean casseroles, parishioners and congregants leaving services, and families out for a walk. We should value all those things: traditions bind the generations, create community.

The authority to pardon an actual turkey is Presidential; a mayor's powers are more modest. I'll pardon the noisy children's table, as long as they save me some pie.