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Posted on 06.16.07
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  • Posted on 06.16.07

A wise mayor always keeps a list on his desk of people to call for the tough jobs. It is with some regret that I report that my list has gotten a little shorter. Marian Rhodes, the St. Louis Cardinals’ vice president for employee relations and public affairs, is leaving town to become an executive with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Marian is smart, tough, funny . . . and always ready for a challenge. When I needed to nominate a trustee to steady the Metropolitan Sewer District, I called on Marian - and she readily accepted.

One thing I very much respected in Marian is her passionate and articulate advocacy for equal employment opportunities both inside the Cardinals business organization - and in the wider St. Louis community. Beyond her duties for the Cards, Marian has been an active member of our community, serving on the boards of Downtown St. Louis Presents, the Minority Business Council, the Urban League, the Family Resource Center, and the Life Skills Foundation.

I wish her every success (except when the Cards play the D-backs), and I’ll miss having her on my short list.