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Posted on 10.05.09
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  • Posted on 10.05.09

For many St. Louis parents (City and county), magnet schools in the St. Louis Public School District are attractive educational choices for their children. Magnet schools are SLPS public schools have some sort of innovative instructional approach or compelling theme that makes them attractive to students from many neighborhoods and other districts. Some magnet schools here are filled to capacity (and beyond); others are as filled as they can be, given the ratios that their rules mandate. Metro Academic and Classical High School, a magnet school on McPherson, is the state’s top-ranked public high school and one of the best high schools of any sort in the country. Other SLPS magnet schools also produce outstanding academic outcomes.

Maybe your child likes art and music? Perhaps the art of discovery in math or science makes your student smile? Maybe you want your preschooler in a Montessori program? Selecting a school is complicated thing and getting in to an SLPS magnet school may feel like a daunting task. To make both processes easier, the SLPS will host an Open House at each of its magnet elementary, middle, and high schools on Saturday, October 10, from 11 am until 3 pm.

If you have a school-age child and would like to consider a magnet school, I strongly urge you to attend one of the Open Houses and meet with the school’s staff to learn more about its programs.