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Posted on 03.18.13
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  • Posted on 03.18.13

Lynne M. Cooper, a founder of DOORWAYS, died Saturday after a short illness.

For twenty-five years, Lynne Cooper inspired and led a local effort to provide compassionate care for St. Louisans affected by HIV/AIDS. Her example made a city better; her work touched thousands of lives.

She is, simply, irreplaceable.

At the time of her recent retirement, her colleagues wrote this -- hugely impressive, but still an understatement of all that Lynne meant to the community:

DOORWAYS has brought over $100 million of competitive housing dollars to Missouri. DOORWAYS' housing and related service programs have benefited more than 6,000 men, women and children for whom safe and secure housing represents health care, prevention and hope. That's 6,000 of our brothers and sisters who were empowered to feel safe and secure at home where they could dare to claim, and begin to build, stable lives of fulfillment for themselves and their families. That is the DOORWAYS promise, and that is the fact of Lynne's legacy.