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Posted on 10.21.05
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  • Posted on 10.21.05

The Preservation Board will meet Monday afternoon to consider 10 local nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. The endorsement or rejection by the local authority is considered by the state historians who send nominations to the feds.

One property on the Board’s agenda is an unassuming brick home at 4524 Cottage. The little bungalow is being nominated because it is the only residence still standing that is associated with Homer G. Phillips, one of the City’s most storied civil rights activists.

The dapper Mr. Phillips, a lawyer, led many battles, not the least of which was a losing one against a shameful referendum that banned the integration of City neighborhoods. His drive and energy later won approval for the construction of a new hospital and nursing school in the Ville neighborhood.

The Mound City Bar Association once described Mr. Phillips this way: “ . . . [He] was the indomitable figure in civil and public life of St. Louis, although he never held public office . . . “

Let’s honor and preserve his memory, by adding Homer G. Phillips House to the National Register.