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Posted on 05.19.07
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  • Posted on 05.19.07

The legislative session that just ended was very productive for the City of St. Louis. With the bi-partisan support of legislators from all parts of the state, important elements of a solid pro-City agenda passed, and are now on Gov. Matt Blunt’s desk awaiting his signature.

Among them are:

  • Tax credits for land assembly
  • Simplification of the process to replace stolen license plate tabs
  • Fuel tax exemption to fund transit
  • Maintain historic tax credits
  • An increase in reimbursement for holding state inmates
  • Authorization for a half-cent sales tax to reduce crime or fund police and firefighter pensions
  • $1 million in continued funding for criminal offender re-entry pilot project
  • Administrative changes to make it easier for motorists to challenge parking tickets
  • Permission for local governments to pass laws to allow pet owners to bring their dogs to outdoor dining facilities