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Posted on 01.27.09
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  • Posted on 01.27.09

Several weeks ago, my campaign was approached by a local filmmaker with an interesting observation. Most political ads (including mine) are made by ad agencies — and most of the agencies specializing in political ads are based in Washington, DC, and in California. (My agency uses local technical crews who, like the agency, are signatories to the local labor agreement.)

The filmmaker had a proposal. She and her partner would round up members of the local film community — mostly young artists — and see if any of them had any interest in participating in a political campaign. To show off their skills and creativity, the filmmakers staged a showcase in which — using an assigned theme, a couple of facts, and a common prop — creative teams would take two weeks and craft their own ideas for campaign ads.

Nine teams turned in finished ads — and their work, which was subsequently reviewed by influential members of the local creative community, will be shown off at a screening in February. Between now and then, I plan to post all the ads on this website. The first two were posted today.

I don’t yet know if any of the ads will be broadcast as part of my reelection campaign — or what roles the filmmakers will play in the campaign. I do know, however, that I very much enjoyed meeting the crews (and learning a lot more than I had known before about the importance of the state film tax credit).