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Posted on 08.31.13
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  • Posted on 08.31.13

I left a note on Facebook about the significance of today's event, but I wanted to use this space to acknowledge some of the many, many people (including state voters) who made it possible.

  • Rex Sinquefield and Nancy Rice who led the initiative petition process.

  • Chief Dotson, Assistant Chief Adkins, Mark Lawson, Jeff Rainford, Patti Hageman, Charlene Deeken, Eddie Roth, Rick Frank, Linda Thomas, Paul Payne, Rich Bradley, Freddie Dunlop and others who have been working hard on a smooth transition.

  • The current Board of Police Commissioners led by Col. Gray. Colonel Gray, Colonel Battle Turner, Colonel Switzer and Colonel Irwin.

    Thank you all for your service.

    This day will be remembered long after my time as mayor is over. It was too long in coming. Local control will help make our city better and safer for generations to come. After 152 years, we have secured justice for the people of St. Louis, and for everyone who loves self rule.