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Posted on 12.28.05
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 12.28.05

Who wouldn’t want to be Missy Slay? As the region’s top events planner, Missy gets to pick and book the talent that will perform for up to 12 nights this summer as part of the newly combined Live on the Levee and Fair St. Louis events. (Of course, she is also responsible for the associated logistics and budgets, which are NOT fun.)

This is your chance to help Missy with the fun part. Over the next few weeks, she will begin booking bands for the summer. What bands should she look for? Remember: tour schedules can affect availability. And price can nix the deal.

Send me your suggestions, though, and I will post some sort of tally here — and pass your advice along to Missy.

If I did the booking? Here are my favorites.