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Posted on 01.05.11
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  • Posted on 01.05.11

The Missouri General Assembly begins its work in Jefferson City today. I will be there helping to deliver the City's message to legislators.

  • Jobs: Nothing is more important to us right now.

  • Local control of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. The people of St. Louis pay the bills. But, going back to the Civil War, the State of Missouri controls the department. It is (way past) time we got our police department back.

  • Quality school choice. Our parents are demanding high quality schools for every child. Charter schools are working (and the ones that aren't are closing). The law should be expanded to give the mayor the ability to sponsor charter schools.

  • Pension reform: We have put forward a common sense plan to rein in the skyrocketing cost of the Firemen's Retirement System. If the costs are allowed to continue to spiral upward, the Fire Service will be hurt and public safety threatened. Any changes to the FRS must be approved by the Missouri General Assembly.

  • Historic tax credits: Projects funded with tax credits have kept St. Louisans at work ' and have sparked the revitalization of dozens of city neighborhoods. They are the best hope of other neighborhoods that have seen decades of disinvestment.

  • Redistricting, reapportionment: Keeping three House districts in the region and two from the city is only fair, given both history and the law.