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Posted on 10.22.09
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  • Posted on 10.22.09

What is your favorite TV game show?

I phrased that as a question to suggest my own answer: Jeopardy! — of course.

According to her very proud mother, 15-year old Kennedy Stomps from the City’s Metro High School will be on the show sometime between November 2 and November 13. To get there, she was one of 3,000 people who passed an on-line quiz, one of 350 people selected for in-person auditions, and one of only 15 selected to fly to LA for the show.

Kennedy credited one of her Metro teachers, James Economon, with encouraging her interest in general knowledge and with sharpening her Jeopardy! skills.

Congrats, to Kennedy (and her parents and teachers) — and good luck.

(Just out of curiosity, I wonder if she wants to be ringer on a trivia team with me? I know a lot about St. Louis history and soccer. She probably knows the rest.)