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Posted on 05.24.05
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 05.24.05

I asked the editors of MayorSlay.com how they so often find the perfect image to illustrate a Mayor’s Desk item or a News release.

They showed me how to “Google search” for images. Out of curiousity, I did: for me.

The search results — 300 or so formal (and, more rarely, candid) shots of me — are a virtual album of the past several years.

There’s me making a speech, making a speech, making a speech, making an award, cutting a ribbon, listening to a speech, listening to a speech, attending a ground-breaking, making a speech, congratulating a good citizen . . . and, yes, making another speech.

According to the available evidence, I have given away enough “keys to the City” to unlock every door in the Gate District; shaken enough hands to develop a great grip; and am like a brother to our Sister Cities. I clearly enjoyed being in New Orleans for the Super Bowl — even if the gridiron results were disappointing.

I am not very easy to caricature — though the halo is a nice touch. I don’t remember hugging that DJ — and I cannot imagine why I agreed to be photographed in traditional Chinese robes while I was on an international trade mission.

There is no Google image of me doing anything as hackneyed as kissing a baby, but there is a good college picture of my son — another Francis Slay with a Google album of his own!