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Posted on 05.06.05
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  • Posted on 05.06.05

IKEA isn't just a store - it's a worldwide phenomenon.

The basic concept is simple: offer lots of stylish, inexpensive, build-it-yourself furniture and other housewares in a big-box store and wait for a million people a year to come in and shop. And they do. The catalog and the website aren't nearly as exciting.

The closest IKEA to St. Louis is in suburban Chicago. Many of you have made the pilgrimage.

Are we ever going to get one here?

Well, we're trying. Over the past couple of years, our development officials have spoken to private developers, property owners, and IKEA's local consultants. IKEA has expressed interest. We understand that a City location is one of their top four choices.

If we built one, where would it go?

I like the MSD and Street Department site at Hampton and I-44: the right-sized footprint; only two property owners, one of whom is the City itself; great highway access; not much disruption of residential neighborhoods. And there are other possibilities, as well ...

Sound like a good idea?