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Posted on 02.28.12
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  • Posted on 02.28.12

Barring a court decision throwing out the Congressional maps, the City's Democratic voters will likely find both Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan on their August primary ballots. That's too bad. Being represented by two members of Congress is better than one. The map will make it difficult for voters who like both of them.

But, the map is not up to us. We will have to make a hard choice. I have.

It is my intention to support Lacy Clay in that election. I have had a great working relationship with State Senator, then US Representative, Clay over the years. His commitment to the City of St. Louis is deep and long-standing. Because of his experience, he fully understands the issues facing our City, and the people of our City.

It is my strong belief that the City's many interests are better served by returning Lacy Clay to Congress in November 2012.