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Posted on 04.03.13
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  • Posted on 04.03.13

Winning a fourth term isn't the history. What we do over the next four years is how we are going to make history.

I'll start my term with a city of many strengths on which to build and many assets to be leveraged. We have become cleaner, healthier, safer, more open to diversity, better educated, more urban, and more fun. We have a great philanthropic community, good medical centers, strong neighborhoods, strong business leaders, great universities, emerging technologies, a growing number of good educational choices, and one of the country's fastest growing communities of college-educated 25-34 year olds.For the past two years, the city has worked with hundreds of different groups, city departments, and individuals to find out what kind of city they wanted ' and how they thought we ought to proceed. The result was a formal document of more than 300 economic, social, and environmental strategies that will guide St. Louis through the next two decades of the 21st century. It is a massive under-taking that will require the work of a generation of St. Louisans.

From that document, I have picked and publicized 29 goals and strategies that it will be my priority to implement over the next five years. Some of them are simple; some of them are complex; all of them are measurable.

My goals have to do with public safety, our economy, the arts, diversity, education, ecology, and infrastructure. Accomplishing all of them will make St. Louis a better city.

We have started with a request to the directors of every department asking them for the things they will do in the very near term and over time to reach the specific goals I have set. Getting these things will require the efforts of a team. And that effort begins now.