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Posted on 11.25.05
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  • Posted on 11.25.05

The Missouri Department of Transportation plans to issue an RFP for a contractor to “design-build” the proposed Highway 40/64 improvements. It is my understanding that MoDOT plans to include “criteria” for a traffic rerouting planning — and then have the contractor design the traffic management plan.

That’s not good enough.

Three or four years of road construction will affect many City businesses and their employees and customers. None of them are willing to leave the details of traffic rerouting plan to the highway contractor. Nor am I.

Before MoDOT requests proposals for any of the work, the transportation agency should work with governments and businesses along the corridor to develop a traffic management plan — a detailed plan that ensures that businesses, including the downtown sports venues, are accessible during the entire construction period, and a plan that ensures that employees can get to their businesses with a minimum of delay.

I know that no traffic management plan will be perfect. And, I expect to be told that a good traffic management plan may increase the cost of the project. If the scope of the project must be scaled back to ensure the best possible traffic management during the project, that would an acceptable trade-off.

Crippling commerce would defeat the purpose of the reconstruction.