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Posted on 09.11.07
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 09.11.07

Finance whizzes and tree trimmers. Painters and paramedics. The City of St. Louis has a job for you.


When I checked earlier today, the Department of Personnel was seeking applicants to fill jobs in more than 30 categories. Most of the jobs require degrees — high school, college, professional; all of them require City residency. There are all sorts of different deadlines for application. Most of the jobs offered will attract plenty of interested people. But, you still ought to think about it.

Most City employees are good, hardworking, skilled employees. They love their jobs and their City. They regard what they do as public service. And it is.

When I hear about bad City employees, it makes me angry. And it makes other City employees angry, too. Bad employees ruin the reputations of the much more numerous good ones.

A local TV station aired a report yesterday that included an interview with a Streets Department employee who says that he has more to say about himself and co-workers — apparently, besides the three charged so far — misusing material, equipment, and time for private gain. He says he and they were ordered to do so by supervisors. No one needs to be told that taking bribes to divert public resources is a crime. He should speak to the Circuit Attorney immediately. Until the matter is fully investigated and all the perpetrators are charged, good Streets employees will be getting fish-eyes from some residents.

That’s the shame of stuff like this.