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Posted on 08.12.07
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  • Posted on 08.12.07

The current heat wave has certainly given City residents, businesses, and public agencies a common cause: to work together to keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe. During the past week, thousands of St. Louisans have reached out to help — and to check up on — seniors, the very young, and people with disabilities to see that they were coping with the heat. City employees from many departments and agencies have been knocking on doors and passing out flyers. In addition, City Hall has made thousands of auto-calls offering heat-fighting advice and passing along the Heat Hotline telephone number. The City’s businesses have been generous with their contributions of money and supplies. So far this weekend, volunteers have distributed hundreds of donated air conditioners and box fans to families who needed them.

Next week is going to be hot. Again.

Please keep checking on your family, friends, and neighbors. And thank you for all your hard work.

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