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Posted on 05.12.12
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  • Posted on 05.12.12

Sunday is Mother's Day. Just how many people does that mean here in the City?

That's a hard question because the Census Bureau Profile America Facts for Mothers Day publication does not include St. Louis. Instead of a number, here is an estimate, courtesy of the City's Planning Department.

As of 2010, there were 26,822 mothers living with their children under 18 ("Current City Mothers") in the City of St. Louis. This would not include mothers with adult children who live with them, nor would it include mothers with children who live elsewhere.

To include these we could apply a national multiplier. This is calculated by taking "total mothers" (which covers the categories excluded above and is available at the national level) divided by the "current mothers" for the nation.

So, 85.4 million total mothers* / 31.9 million "current mothers" = 2.67

Therefore, 26,822 Current City Mothers (X) 2.67 = an estimated 71,615 Total City Mothers.

Happy Mother's Day to all of them.