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Posted on 08.15.09
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  • Posted on 08.15.09

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department recently evacuated horses belonging to its mounted patrol unit from a stable in Forest Park. Tests had found traces lead contamination and the police were, understandably, worried about the health of the personnel who worked there and about their horses.

The stable building is owned by the City of St. Louis, and may or may not once have been the place in which Charles Lindbergh kept his airplane. It certainly was, as its adjacency to Aviation Field reminds us, the site of a commercial airport.

The building was tested, re-roofed and re-painted about 15 years ago, so the reported presence of lead on the exterior has caught the attention of the City’s Board of Public Service. Right now, BPS, the Building Division, and the Parks Department are completing comprehensive testing. And they are working out the costs of remediation and repair. They are not proposing to remove the building.

A mounted police patrol has been stationed in Forest Park off and on since 1893, and continuously since 1971 or so. I expect them to return.

I will keep you posted.