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Posted on 09.12.07
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  • Posted on 09.12.07

The news that The Price Is Right’s Bob Barker was being inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians in the State Capitol in Jeff City raised a couple of questions for me, including this one: How many people even knew that there was a Hall of Famous Missourians?

Well, there is one (and has been since the early 1980s). It’s on the third floor of the Capitol rotunda, and its membership comprises 25 inductees, including Mr. Barker. The responsibility of nominating Missourians to the Hall belongs to the Missouri Speaker of the House.

Josephine Baker is already the Hall; so are Jack Buck, Stan Musial, Scott Joplin, and Susan Blow. The two famous Missouri-born generals, Bradley (Clark, Mo.) and Pershing (Laclede, Mo.), already share pedestal space with a Commander-in-Chief, Harry S Truman. You can read the rest of the list here.

Now that you know who is already in the Hall, who do you think is missing? If there is a runaway favorite, I’ll pass the name along to Speaker Jetton. Click here to email your inspired suggestions to us.